Saturday, March 14, 2015

Art of Tinker Bell

Some time ago there was an "Art of Tinker Bell" initiative at work so I opted to take a break from my busy schedule to do a piece for it...which turned into 5 pieces haha.

Circa 1928

Classic Pin-Up

Flapper Bell

Très Chic Tink

Unflattering Shadow


Kay said...

Awesome work!

Noah Stewart said...

Those Tinker Bell designs of yours are very stunning! You have a very wide variety of style, and can probably cater to different categories. I think that is an amazing talent. Thanks for sharing this with us, Jeffery. Good luck with your future endeavors!

Noah Stewart @ My Local Marketing

ponchis de Oz said...

Why not draw a Vidia, fawn and Zarina ?
And you drew Tinkerbell and Sivermist "fairys"

Kunal Singh said...

xyz3ss.blogspot is not working

Nai said...

What about the rest of the fairies? Or Elsa and Anna? I really love your Twisted Princesses

Nai said...
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Christopher Tom said...

It was over a year since jeftoon01 has retired from DeviantArt. I hope he will come back at DeviantArt by the way. ;)

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