Monday, January 02, 2012

Dead in the Water Character Sketches

An Original Concept that Celeste and I are working on in between the tidal waves of work from our everyday jobs.


Digg Biggins said...

This looks like a fun project. Your style and art has always impressed me.

Looking forward to seeing more of this series.

Amy said...

Hi. I'm not speak english but i'm trying. I want to tell you that your work is wonderfull.
Thank you for share it!
I hope you understand my message.

Amy Lee Monroe, from Argentina.
You can find me on facebook. :)

DBarrows said...

I can't tell you how bad I want to see this as a cartoon or comic. This is some of the best character concept art I've ever seen. Look at the merman's beard! It's a fin! And the pharaohs collar making the Egyptian head piece! Brilliant. And I have to think Davey Jones ghost there is wearing some enchanted ball and chain that binds him to this world! This is so great man, pitch this!

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