Saturday, September 22, 2012

Planet Hulk: Tear of the Green Scar


DBarrows said...

i love your stuff, wish you put out more than a pic a month,is there somewhere i can get more of your artwork.

Rosenqroits said...

Yo Jeff saw this movie. Twas awesome. Love your creativity. Wanted to comment here fir the twisted princesses. I woke up and remembered a missing one. Chell from El Dorado. Would be great to see her. Also someone mentioned lady and the tramp, cats dont dance, and 101 dalmations. Again, love your work.

raghda zaher said...

this is awesome!!

can you make a drawing of the upcoming movie the croods?
the trailer just went out today!
would <3 it so much!

and of course love all your work!
been stalking you for a long time xD

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